Aural Works Live | London

AURAL WORKS – LIVE is an augmented performance for acoustic chamber group and ‘earphoned’ audience. The Performance is designed to enhance the listening experience of the stringed and wind instruments inner world and this was the first test, down at the 100 years gallery in East London.

I premiered for the occasion Touwq, a piece born after some session with the eastern wind virtuoso Jan Hendrickse, written for two flutes and two stringed instruments and Tuahcam, for acousmatic media and chamber quartet.

with me:

Jan Hendrickse: bass flute and c flute

Clive Bell: shakuhachi

Ella Virr: violin

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The concert was performed around a binaural head mic set with great enhancement of spatial and dynamic characteristics of sound produced.

Sandro Mussida: Cello

Jan Hendrickse: Bansuri Flute / Bass Flute

Clive Bell: Shakuhachi

Ella Virr: Violin

detailed program here: HundredYearsGalleryV  // recording of some extracts (in binaural) on my soundcloud channel soon