Chamber 5tet/Video/Electronics for Futurism

The title of this brief work is Benefuturista, Written for recorded voice (The Actor and Artist Carmelo Bene reading except from The Manifesto Of Futurism), prepared piano/ trumpet/ violin/ cello/ percussion/ video. The Video is made by the talented video artist and director BexLayer: Grazie Rebecca!

The Words were Percussions as the Consonants were used to hit our souls in the spirit of celebrating The Electric, The Noise, The Fight (..), agains the Vowels of a dreamin’ lifesyle..The occasion was the celebration of the Centenary of Futurism with a set of live performances in Milano, at the Teatro Studio, experimental section of the Piccolo Theatre, at the Villa Reale and in a special concert of Futurist Music in the Arengario.

Committed by the Accademia Internazionale di Musica in collaboration with the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art .

[the percussionist Elio Marchesini performs Benefuturista surrounded by some “intonarumori”. He was my special “virgilio” in the world of these pioneering sounds]

There’s no recordings of these concerts, but I found this “demo version” attached to the Video that may give the idea… –>