International Encounters On Matters Of Sound, 2015

It was, again, an extremely positive experience: musicians and artists who never met each other before, coming from different, even opposite backgrounds were invited to work together for a week, putting on two performances without any scores. The result was something fresh and dreamy.

Olivia Salvadori (IT), voice
Tribe Of Colin (UK), electronics
Alessandra Novaga (IT), electric guitar
Jan Hendrickse (UK), flute samples
Sandro Mussida (IT), cello
John Colpitts (US), drums
Rebecca Salvadori (IT), words and visuals
Brittany Bailey (US), dance
Yann Binet (UK), visuals
Courtney Lopes (US), dance

Courtney Lopez – webcasted from NYC

John Colpitts

Tribe Of Colin

Alessandra Novaga

Olivia Salvadori

Olivia Salvadori

Sandro Mussida

Brittany and Courtney

Brittany and Courtney

14. Rebecca Salvadori , Tribe of Colin

Rebecca Salvadori, Tribe of Colin


we want to thanks all the people who made this dream a truly vivid and vibrant experience:

Mirco Mencacci, audio recording
Luca Ciarfella, audio recording
Marco Gorini, audio recording
Andrea Bressan, sound engineer & FOH
Johannes Schlosser, audio backline
Samuele De Giuseppe, audio backline & IT technician
Matteo De Vittor, video & lights backline
Felix Schliminsky, cinematographer
Hanna Bächer, questions & answers
Enrico Rossi, website & social media
Romina Perugini, catering
Carlo Mameli, live webcasting

Chiara Orlandini, logistic NY
William Murray, cinematographer NY
Garrett Linn, live webcasting NY

Allegra Calbi, logistic
Arianna Fittipaldi, press

Sandro Mussida, curator
Olivia Salvadori, curator
Rebecca Salvadori, curator

Tutto Questo Sentire is possible thanks to the generous support of Roberto Lombardi

Live Set 2