Mark Fell – Southfirst Gallery -NY

New set of samples are recorded for the new Mark Fell’s work that follows the Object Relations #1 and was exibit as site specific installation at Southfirst Gallery, NY. Two pairs of speakers randomly project the cello in the space.

From the Gallery’s press: “Object Relations #2” is the second exhibition presenting the experimental sound work of UK-based artist and musicologist MARK FELL at SOUTHFIRST gallery. Fell’s show features a two-channel sound piece with cello performed and recorded by cellist Sandro Mussida, and two plexiglass panels derived from German philosopher Edmund Husserl’s diagrams depicting his analysis of temporality, as well as a text-based folded-paper sculpture. The show will be on view from March 6 – April 5, 2015. 

full press content here: http://southfirst.org/FELL2PR.htm

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