Musica Per Due Pianoforti e Percussioni

ventiquattro toni per ottava sotto l’influsso di onde di diversa frequenza*

i’ve recently finished recording a series of brief studies on 24tet piano + percussion. 

instrumentation: 2 pianos 2 hands + a set of hanged tuned metals (cowbells + rins + dobachi) + thai gongs

scored in cork (thanks to Mick o’ Shea and Irene Murphy)

materials and preparation were found in Madeira (thanks to Mark Fell for max msp implementation)

generously produced by Roberto Lombardi for TQS 2017 project in Capalbio

live premiere at Botanical Gardens, Rome. 07.09.2017

percussions: Simone Beneventi

pianos: Ciro Longobardi


*twenty-four note per octave under the influence of waves of different speed