Oniride | For Solo Percussion and Electronics

The 8th of March, in the Como Conservatorio, for the program AUDIOSENSI 2014
took place the premiere of ONIRIDE, for solo percussions, a performer-percussionist, live electronics.
Thanks to the people at the Como’s Conservatorio, for the sense of commitment and the joyful cooperation.

The piece was performed by Paolo Pasqualin
Live electronics by Andrea Vigani

oniride como


Gran Cassa
Timpano 32′
Snare Drum
Frame Drum
Piatto Ride 22′ (suono scuro)
Piatto Crash 14′ (leggero)
Piatto Icebell (Ufip)
Kalimba (medie dimensioni,15 note o piĆ¹)
Campanelli metallici (grappolo)
arco da contrabbasso o violoncello


Any instrument has his own mic + filter and is processed live throu a 2-4 frontal speakers. The space is the resonator, the common ground of acustic and amplified sounds, sounds which need to be treated as one, without separation between acoustic sources and electronic one.

Oniride 5 foto