Stockhausen’s Zodiac

Great and challenging work with the chamber arrangements for Tierkreis, a beautiful and enchanting opera by the german composer Karleinz Stockhausen. Based on 12 melodies, each one related with a zodiac sign, it was written for music boxes (crafted one by one for the theatre piece Music Im Bauch, 1975), but then, once trascribed, Stockhausen allowed performers to play freely with the material, in terms of instrumentation and even arrangement.


For Hurla Janus Ensemble, and with them, I trascribed and arranged this little diamonds of cristal music, dividing the 12 themes between 8 instruments and perfomed live in Milano, Teatro i, sunday 12 (..) of May. I wanna thanks all the musicians: Elio Marchesini, percussions Alessandra Novaga, guitars (electric, dobro) Gak Sato, theremin Dario Buccino, sheet steel Michele Monestiroli, sax Sylvia Catasta, flutes.

A special thanks to Rebecca Salvadori for the beautiful visual she produced for the performance.