The Surface Of My Winter

I were asked from the artist Riccardo Beretta to play his opera, at the GAM (Galleria Arte Moderna) in Milan.

He builded two claviciteri with special woods and surfaces. I decided to write something for the occasion and added some extra instrumentation: a japanese koto, a dobro guitar, two pure sinusoids and some little instruments such dobaci filled with water, bubble pack.

Photo Silvia Tofaniphoto: Silvia Tofani

La Superficie Del Mio Inverno was played by Hurla Janus: Elio Marchesini (Claviciterio II, Water Dobaci), Sandro Mussida (Claviciterio I, Koto), Alessandra Novaga (Dobro Guitar, Mixer)

I would like to thanks Riccardo and my brave music partners for such occasion.