Sound & Light Installation | Amsterdam

In October 2021 TUTTO QUESTO SENTIRE travelled to Het HEM arts centre in Amsterdam to debut Spazio Per Azioni Luminescenti, a brand new, site-specific light & sound installation together with Elena Colombi (IT/UK),  Coby Sey (UK) and Charlie Hope (UK).⁣

Spazio per Azioni Luminescenti is an immersive installation composed of a series of articulated light, sound and spoken words combinations commissioned by HET HEM and VBS FOND for the Close Range music residency program.⁣

Hanah Pezzack wrote a review of Spazio Per Azioni Luminescenti for The Wire

Voice: Olivia Salvadori

Cello, Recordings and Audio Production: Sandro Mussida

Video and A/V live: Rebecca Salvadori

Voice: Coby Sey

Light Design and show: Charlie Hope

SOMA Modular Synth: Elena Colombi