India: time and space of past and future of music

In a recent trip of North and South of India, had some intense experiences of music. Meeting the Indian Classical Music and the Folk (Rajastani) Side of it, is a meeting with an old tradition: the relationship between the uman soul and sound is touchable, not measurable. The distance between a man (or woman) singing or playing an istrument and God is short, they are in communion: Singing is an act of devotion (even when the occasion of the music is a joyful happy welcome to a group of people). And devotion seems to be a way of becoming closer to the origin of sound. Becoming closer to ourselves and feel free to give. I heard music and I ever had the sensation of having received the music as a gift. It was a lot of time I had this.

Getting into the unity of being experienced of the gift of sound brings you directly to the sensation of the real space between a tone (they call that  one “SA”, the root note) and the same note at upper octave. Infinite distance, lot of space to fill, (touchable…) for a long distance trip, deeply filled of many differents tones, and, in a sense, expandable… as western music started to discover recently.

Seems to me to have a lot of work still to do, now.