Albe, The Sunrise Over Taipei City | Kunsthalle Bern, CH

Albe / for cello, real-time video, surround sound, live streamed coding, two channel video (2023).

Albe is an ongoing work by Italian composer and cellist Sandro Mussida, started in 2014. The series took different forms over the years. Originally conceived as an inter- active installation with audio and visual elements, it’s been developed in collaboration by algorave artist and coder David Alexander Currie to function as a multimedia hybrid live set. The piece is synched with an online cams system set to chasing astronomical twilights and dawns across the globe in real time.

Albe, The Sunrise Over Taipei City, still from video, 2023

The premiere took place on January 2023, produced and commissioned by Norient Sounds and Norient Film Festival, Kunsthalle Bern.

Synchronised on the Eastern Hemisphere, David Alexander Currie, remotely from New York, and Sandro Mussida in the main room of the Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland, performed sound, live coding and video for 38 minutes along with the sunrise of the metropolis Taipei (Taiwan), streamed live while happening at the 23.15 CET, 13th January 2023.

Albe, The Sunrise Over Taipei City, Pragya Sangam drawing
still from video, 2023

The piece was part of the event series Techniques of Care, curated by Rebecca Salvadori

cello/composition/live electronics: Sandro Mussida

glyphs designer: Pragya Sangam

live coding animation: David Alexander Currie

Albe, The Sunrise Over Taipei City, still from video, 2023