Portraits of Friends / Camden Arts Centre, London

Portraits Of Friends (2021) is a film work by Rebecca Salvadori built on nine electroacoustic pieces by composer Sandro Mussida from his album Rueben (Die Schachtel, 2019). 

Salvadori’s filmic research focuses on the fragmentation of the visual experience, practices of self-observation and the tradition of portraiture. The film includes animations that are part of a visual language developed in 2012 under the name of Euroemptiness.

The music has been inspired by the observation of Italian Renaissance paintings during Mussida’s composition sessions in the summer of 2018 and recalls Pavel Florenskij’s idea of ‘reverse time’, conceived by the Russian theologian when discussing his well-known theory of reverse perspective in relation to Mediaeval Russian icons. 

Rueben, Die Schachtel, 2020

The project features portraits of friends and artists Kristian K. Robinson, Coby Sey, Madalen Vicassiau, Alina Dolgin, Nhu Xuan Xua, Jack Dove, Yann Binet. 

Portraits Of Friends is produced by TQS Collective.