Theatre: Alan Turing

For the Piccolo Teatro Studio, in Milan, with the directions of Maria Elisabetta Marelli and in team with the guys of Agon (Acustica Informatica Musica) I’m working on the music for an unconventional stage production: the project focused on the life and works of Alan Turing, the father of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

Scored for Organ / Electronics


multimedia action by AGON – Piccolo Teatro di Milano 20-26 novembre – artist: M.E. Marelli M. Tadini S. Mussida P. Pirelli G. Sancristoforo C. Sinatti M. Marchi H. Westkemper F. Grani. I’m happy to work in such a great team of people.

some infos

here an interview (italian) about the composition of KristAl