Thirteen Electric Guitars

Finally, we make it.

With the help of the CPM Music Institute, under the direction of Alessandra Novaga, a group of 13 electric young and talented guitarist, a drum player and an electric bass player performed in a beautiful industrial (and empty!) space, the centre for the arts “Assab One”, in Milano, the late evening of the Seveth of May.

They all are students, most of all played “non-rock” and unconventional music for the first time, but for some of them, I guess this will be the first of many others.


The pieces performed was three works tooked from the tradition and the present time of experimental music. Here the list:

Hugh Shrapnel – Bells (1970)

Travis Just – I’m the loudest voice you’ve ever seen (2010)

Rhys Chatham – Guitar Trio (1977)


Listening to these executions, each was unique!, in an empty big space was something unusual and strong. Unpredictible sounds fullfilled the emptiness and for some moments there were only music, only fresh and powerful electric guitar picthes dancing all over us.

Thank you.