TQS two sets series | Florence

Atto Unico is a site-specific multimedia piece in two acts (Atto Unico Parte Prima and Atto Unico Parte Seconda) specifically designed for the cloister of the former Leopoldine, now the Contemporary Art Museum in Florence; Atto Unico is a stream of electro-acoustic sounds, images and voice.

TQS invited lutists Elisa e Giulia La Marca, the percussionist Elio Marchesini (22nd July 2021) and Milanese producer Nicola Ratti on modular synths (29th July 2021).

The two events are conceived as a single work that deepens the interaction between the different nature of the musicians’ artistic practice, the visual element and the voice.

Atto Unico is part of the third season of PianoNovecento: an eight-evening series enlightening the new voices in the contemporary and classical music fields produced by MUSEO NOVECENTO, Florence, in collaboration with Fondazione Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, curated by Riccardo Sandiford.

more info and media on https://tuttoquestosentire.com/