(1974, Italy)

London based composer, cellist, electronic performer

His work investigates the consequences of compositional choices on the musical matter, questioning the identity of musical languages and traditions. In particular, he works around the interaction between acoustical/classical, electric and electronic fields, writing for orchestra, chamber and solo instruments. Central to his work is the role of the performer, the experience of sound in the space and its relation to memory.


Just Released

Ventuno Costellazioni Invisibili, for two set of tuned metals (6 triangles, 2 glockenspiels, gong, tam), electric guitar, Bb clarinets and flute, piano, violin. 



Past Releases

Dare Voce, with Olivia Salvadori / CD, Sony Classical Italy. dec 2016

FocalMusic, with MarkFell, Laura Cannell, Aby Vulliamy / cassette, ed.Tapeworms_dec 2016

Movimenti Lunari, Alessandra Novaga, Guitar, Ed.Blume

Object Relations #1, MarkFELL (electronics) / SandroMUSSIDA (cello): 7″ vinyl limited edition, Ed. boomkat 2015

La Chambre Des Jeux Sonores, for solo electric guitar, performed by Alessandra Novaga. Ed.Setola Di Maiale, 2014

HurlaJanus performing at Blau Studio, Milan for the serie Apparizione (#6), Live Recording, released Oct. 2015




Upcoming Compositions

Musica Per Due Pianoforti E Percussioni, for two pianos one quarter tone apart and percussions. for Simone Beneventi (perc), Ciro Longobardi (pianos)

Pyramid, for two electric guitars. Commissioned by Stefano Pilia and Alessandra Novaga

No title, for three serpentino-marble resonant stones, two percussionists, vn, vla, cel.  Commissioned by artist Amalia Del Ponte


Latest Compositions

Touches for ebowed electric guitar, clarinet and cello samples, different tuning systems

Ventuno Costellazioni Invisibili: for two set of tuned metals (6 triangle, 2 glockenspiel, gong, tam tam), electric guitar, clarinet and flute, piano, violin and 2 loopers

In Memoria: for solo electric guitar and two loopers (or any electronic memory system).

Oniride, for solo percussions, live electronics, 7 filters, 8 mics

Studio Sul Movimento Dei Pianeti: for electronics on prepared piano pre-recorded samples

La Superficie Del Mio Inverno: for two clavicetri, koto, dobro guitar, two sinusoids, plastic bol, water

Kristal: for 4 performers, filtered church organ pre-recorded samples


Curatorial & Collaborative Projects

TuttoQuestoSentire, International Encounter On Matters Of Sound, Capalbio, Tuscany / Rome


Oren Ambarchi (AUS), Mark Fell (UK), Andre Vida (saxophone, GER), Crys Cole (CND), Brittany Bailey and Shape Dance Company (dance, U.S.) Tribe of Colin (electronica, UK) Kid Millions (percussions, U.S.) Alessandra Novaga (, IT) Jan Hendrickse (Flutes, UK) Olivia Salvadori (new operatic, IT) Yann Binet  (multimedia,FR) Giorgio Sancristoforo (electronics, IT), Schneider TM (e.guitar & electronics, GER), Rebecca Salvadori (video, poetry, IT) Tomoko Nakasato (dance, JP), Giulio Corini (contrabass improviser, IT), Stefano Cardo (bass clarinet orchestral, IT)



Pressure Observation, instrumental minimalia and spectral observations with Simon Allen (percussion), Jan Hendrickse (flutes). London

Hurla Janus, musician’s collective investigating new practises of live performance and improvisation in relation to space, and audience. Milan


Selected theatre works / films

The challenge, short film, 2016 | dolby atmos composition with sound recordist Mirco Mencacci

Over The Rainbow, multimedia show, 2016 | surround sound soundtrack composition and live performance

Il Perchè Non Lo So. 2013 | a film upon the astrophysicist Margherita Hack. Ed. Sperling & Kupfer

15 miniatures for piano, cello, electronicsStudy on planetary motion, for electronics on prepared piano samples.

Study on planetary motion, for electronics on prepared piano samples


Alan Turing: A Staged Case History, 2012 | multimedia theatrical production on the British mathematician | Piccolo Teatro Milan | project and direction: Maria Elisabetta Marelli

Booting Computer History: for electronics and spatialization

The Imitation Game,: for electronics and spatialization

Leonard Kine Vs Olimpic Games,: for electronics and spatialization

Kristall, for four performers on pre-recorded church organ samples and live electronics

Schiller, I Masnadieri, 2011 | Teatro Argentina, Rome | project and direction: Gabriele Lavia

Il Suono Di Franz, for organ solo